Honda CR-V Passes Crash Tests With Flying Colors

New Honda CR-V near KingwoodWhen shopping for a new vehicle, safety is always a high priority on the list. When shopping for a Honda vehicle you’ll never have to worry about safety being a concern. All Honda vehicles are being built with top of the line safety features and with high-quality materials that can help reduce the impact of a collision if one were to occur.

The Honda CR-V is just one of the Honda vehicles that are built with the Honda Sensing suite. These are intelligent safety features that are all about preventing collisions from occurring. It’s also built to withstand the impact of those collisions that do occur. We can trust that this vehicle will be able to protect those inside because of the incredible results from crash tests performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The IIHS performs five separate types of crash tests to get a very accurate depiction of what can occur during any type of wreck. To get a better idea of how the Honda CR-V did on its crash tests you can visit the IIHS website. They’ll list out all of the results for you. The Honda sensing collision mitigation system will alert you if you are at risk of getting into a collision. If you don’t take action to avoid the collision this system will apply the brakes for you. During the crash test, this system was available to avoid the collision in both the low and high-speed accidents. We fully believe that this means that you are going to be so safe when you’re behind the wheel of the new Honda CR-V.

If you’re interested in making your daily drive safer then you should check out the new Honda CR-V near Kingwood at John Eagle Honda. The team here will help you find the perfect CR-V for your needs.

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