Avoid Car Break-Ins With These Tips

2020 Honda CRV Houston

Regardless of where you live you’re going to have to deal with the fact that there are bad people out there. People will think that it’s okay to take what is not theirs. We here at John Eagle Honda want to help our customers avoid car theft and break-ins. In this series, you’ll find a few tips that can help your car steer clear of thieves.

It’s incredibly important to keep your vehicle clean if you want to deter car break-ins. It’s not just valuables that can draw attention but anything extra in your vehicle may convince them to try and collect a few items. This doesn’t mean that you have to totally empty out your vehicle every single time you leave it. This just means that you should put extra items in the glove box or storage compartments. Put your bags or expensive items in the trunk of your vehicle. You’d be surprised at how many cars have been broken into simply to steal the loose change they’ve collected.

When you leave your vehicle make sure that it is parked in a well-lit area or one that is populated. I like to search for the lamps in the parking lots and park directly underneath them whenever I’m out at night. If your car is in a very dark location it will be more susceptible to break-ins.

Honda vehicles can help deter car theft happening because of the engine immobilizer that it comes with. It won’t allow your vehicle to be started unless it has its specific key fob in it. Visit John Eagle Honda to learn more about the 2020 Honda CRV Houston and the security features it can offer you.

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