Winterizing Your Vehicle Part 1

John Eagle Honda

Winter is finally here, and that means that our vehicles might be taking a little beating. There are a few things that we can do to get our cars prepared for winter. Even though it’s already wintertime, it’s never too late to winterize your vehicle. If you follow through with this list, you’ll be able to get your car ready in no time.

The exterior of your vehicle will take quite a beating when you live in areas that salt their roads. If you see that your car has salt residue from the streets, always make sure that you wash it off. The car’s paint job can be damaged by this type of residue, which could eventually lead to rust. Not only does rust look bad, but it really damages your vehicle over time, so you’ll want to prevent it from happening at all costs. Even if you simply drive it through an automatic car wash or spray it off with a hose, you’ll be doing a great deal of good for your car’s exterior. For some additional protection, you could apply a layer of wax to the surface.

Another important factor when winter weather hits is to have wiper blades that are in good health. If your blades aren’t working right, you could be putting yourself in danger whenever inclement weather hits. If you notice that your wiper blades aren’t looking the greatest, you should have them replaced.

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