Winterizing Your Vehicle Part 4

Houston New Honda CRV

We’re back with just a few more tips that can really maximize your vehicle during the winter months. We here at John Eagle Honda want to help make things go a little smoother for everyone while the colder weather is upon us. Don’t let the cold damage or slow you down.

One very important thing you can do to set yourself up for success is to create an emergency kit for your vehicle. Cars may not be more likely to break down during winter than during other months, but it’s definitely more inconvenient. If you prepare your vehicle for an emergency you’ll thank yourself later if something does happen. In your kit, you should have things like blankets, gloves, jumper cables, a flat tire repair kit, flashlight, first aid kit, water, and granola bars. These are just a few items you’ll want to carry with you, but you can always adjust it to your particular needs.

To give your vehicle the best fighting chance this winter you can take it over to the John Eagle Honda service department. Their team can check your vehicle’s thermostat, air filters, heater components, radiator and so on. Your car’s thermometer and air filter can greatly impact the heating system. You won’t want issues with this especially when your windows are prone to frosting over. They will add antifreeze to the radiator so that the liquid inside won’t freeze up.

As an early Christmas present to yourself, you can always purchase a new Honda. The Houston new Honda CRV is a great SUV that would be the perfect fit for so many drivers out there. Come test drive it today and you could find yourself inside a new vehicle for the holiday season.

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