Increase Your Fuel Economy This Winter Part 1

2020 Honda CRV in Houston

If you’re anything like me then you want to do whatever you can to save money. When you own a vehicle a lot of money will have to go into it for maintenance, fuel, registration, and so on. There are ways to save on some of these costs though. If you’re interested in saving on your fuel costs then you’ve come to the right place. We will walk through some helpful tips that can help you save.

There are a lot of factors that come into play to affect your fuel economy. The cold weather and temperatures are one of the problems that can reduce your fuel economy. One of the ways that it can negatively impact your vehicle is by increasing the friction in your engine and transmission because the cold fluids are thicker. With the fluids being thicker it’s harder for them to move through. Your engine needs to warm up to be at it’s most efficient temperature whenever you go on short trips your engine won’t be able to heat up all the way. If you want to maximize your engine efficiency try combining trips so that it can remain warm while you’re running your errands. You shouldn’t allow your vehicles heater, defroster, or even heated seats more than necessary. Running these nonstop will use up your fuel faster. Try to avoid your vehicle idling for too long. It’s a fine balance between warming up your vehicle and burning fuel while it sits there.

We still have a few more tips to help you save fuel costs this winter so stick around for more help. Until then you can check out some of the fuel-efficient vehicles at John Eagle Honda. The 2020 Honda CRV in Houston has a great fuel economy so you’ll be starting off on the right foot. Visit this dealership to check it out today.

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