Increase Your Fuel Economy This Winter Part 2

John Eagle Honda

We’re back with more helpful tips that can help you achieve more efficiency with your vehicle. These tips may be able to help you save on your fuel costs if you apply them. In the long run, we’re looking for better fuel efficiency and in turn some extra money in your pocket.

If you’re interested in keeping your vehicle’s efficiency up then you need to make sure that you check your tires. Cold weather will make your tires lose some of its pressure. When tires have low air pressure their resistance for rolling increases which will cause your vehicle to use more fuel to push forward. Low tires are also not safe, especially on slick roads. Make sure that you’re keeping an eye on your tires and that you check their pressure regularly during cold weather. Your battery will also be affected by the cold weather. It takes a lot more energy to keep your battery charged. You should have your battery checked by some professionals to ensure that you don’t need to have it replaced. If you park your vehicle in a garage during winter you’ll be able to keep it’s resting temperature higher which will allow your engine to warm up quicker. Cold weather increases the aerodynamic drag of a vehicle in order to help yourself out you should make sure that you don’t have anything that could add to the drag. Items like roof-mounted cargo or anything stored on your roof racks will lower your fuel efficiency.

You should always start out with a fuel-efficient vehicle if you’re looking to save money on your fuel costs. When you buy a Honda vehicle you’ll be off to the right store. Visit John Eagle Honda to check out their new lineup and vehicles like the 2020 Honda CRV. You’ll love what they have to offer.

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