Learn To Change Your Headlight Bulb

John Eagle Honda

If you ever have a headlight go out on your vehicle, then you’re going to find this article very helpful. Not everyone has a lot of extra time to drop their car off at the dealership to get fixed. If you’re one of those people who need to drive at night or you don’t have enough time to wait at an appointment, then you’ll want to learn to change your headlight yourself. This is a simple task that you’ll quickly learn how to accomplish.

You’ll obviously need to first gather the tools for this job and a fresh bulb. The best place to purchase a new bulb for your Honda vehicle is at John Eagle Honda. Their service department has tons of parts in stock, so you won’t have to wait for it to be shipped to your home. Another tool you will likely need for this job is a screwdriver or pliers. Once you’ve got your new bulb and your tools, you can locate the back of the headlight. It will be connected to a power source. This is usually easily removed by pinching some clamps, twisting it out, clasps, or pliers to pull out the connector. Once you’ve undone this part, it will expose the broken or burnt out bulb. Replace the old bulb with your fresh one, connect the power source, and check to make sure it is working again.

This is an easy task, but not everyone wants to take on jobs like this. If you don’t want to change out an old headlight, then feel free to visit John Eagle Honda to schedule maintenance work. This dealership not only has incredible new and used Honda vehicles, but also the best service team in Houston. Schedule your maintenance today.

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